Success Stories

Quitting smoking is not easy. When people successfully quit smoking, it is an achievement that should be recognized and celebrated.

The City of Philadelphia's Ex-Smoker's Hall of Fame Initiative provided quitters with an opportunity to share their story of tobacco use from start to finish.

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"I was a lifetime smoker, started when I was 16.  I joined the health department's smoking cessation program and my instructor was fantastic.  I went on the patch and haven't picked up a cigarette in 16 months.  When you quit, you will be amazed at how good you feel, how good you look, and how good things smell.  One thing I did notice since I quit - if you smoke, you smell toxic.  I'll just put it to you like that.  I didn't notice it until I stopped." 

Mr. Anderson
South Philadelphia

"I smoked for about 40 years and chain smoked at night.  I wanted to quit but didn't know how.   I was tired of the price--almost $5 a pack!  I called a quit coach, Cynthia, who gave me the patch and it worked.  We talked, one-on-one, and I learned how to quit. Cynthia would call to check on me and I called her if I needed help.  She taught me what to do when I was tempted to smoke.  I never thought I could do it - - but with help, I did!

Linda G.
West Philly

"I smoked for 40 years until a doctor told me I had diabetes and high blood pressure and asked me to stop smoking.  I knew smoking didn't jive with my lifestyle--I lift weights, walk, and am a vegetarian. My quit coach, Faith, taught me how to track my smoking to find out when and why I was tempted to smoke. I also got the patch, but midway through I didn't need it--I had quit! Today I'm healthy; I feel, smell and look better."

Mr. Johnson, Jr.
Strawberry Mansion

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