Changes to the PA Quitline

We at Smoke-Free Philly are pleased to inform you of the expanded services offered by the PA Free Quitline as of August 1, 2019!

The PA Free Quitline is a free hotline (1-800-QUIT-NOW) to help you quit smoking. Any Pennsylvania resident can call to get free coaching and quit smoking medication – like nicotine replacement therapy, and now Chantix for new enrollees on Medical Assistance – at no cost, which can help increase your chances of quitting smoking for good. Read below to learn about four new or expanded services that any PA resident who wants help to quit smoking can take advantage of today.


Changes to the PA Free Quitline

The CDC states that a key component to reducing the toll of tobacco is sustaining, expanding and promoting Quitline services. The PA Free Quitline will be expanding it’s services in the following ways:


  1. Eligible PA Free Quitline callers enrolled in phone counseling will now be offered a total of eight weeks of combination nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), instead of the previous offering of four weeks.
  2. A 3-month supply of Chantix will be offered to newly enrolled Quitline enrollees who are covered by Medical Assistance. (Beginning 8/01/2019)
  3. Pregnant enrollees will now receive incentives of $10/call ($15/call postpartum).
  4. Eligible PA Free Quitline users enrolled in online counseling will now be offered two weeks of combination nicotine replacement.


For more information, please visit the Quitlogix website.

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