My Life, My Quit: Teens Can Text to Quit Vaping

  A free online multi-state quit vaping program My Life, My Quit launched in July 2019. teenagers can text or call a toll free number,1-855-891-9989, to connect with coaches for five sessions of personalized support.

This program is combating the teen vaping epidemic. The increase in teens vaping is alarming, and health workers and organizations are working to understand and end the vaping epidemic, unlike big tobacco companies.

These companies are succeeding at marketing to teenagers despite their claims otherwise, gaining the attention they need to get another generation hooked on nicotine. According to the CDC tobacco companies are spending billions of dollars to get and keep you hooked, they even have budgets to accommodate retailers who make their products more visible to customers. For instance, cigarette retailers receive promotional payments to display certain brands, making them more likely to be bought. They essentially have a budget set aside for “fueling unhealthy addictions.” These companies pray on people who get addicted to nicotine through vaping. 

    Big tobacco companies are studying adolescent groups and advertising accordingly. My life, My Quits is offering an antidote, a platform to set the truth and the health of teenagers free from all tobacco products – including vapes.

Teens can TEXT or CALL, 1-855-891-9989, to connect with coaches for five sessions of personalized support. Let’s show big tobacco who’s really in control.  



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